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Software Engineering II

Summer semester

Event numbers: 43MBE1009V (Lecture) und 43MBE1010V (Exercise)

Prerequisites: Module “Software Engineering I” is recommended.

Exam: written


  • Agile Software-Development: Continuous Integration, Reengineering, Reverse-Engineering, Refactoring
  • Model-driven Software Engineering
  • Approaches for managing Software-Versions und -Variants
  • Quality assurance with focus on testing
  • Techniques and applications of recent software analysis tools
  • Semantic of modeling languages
  • Empirical methods in software engineering


Lecture and exercise take place on-site in class-room.

To participate, enroll in the course in Unisono and Moodle.

Lecture and exercise materials as well as announcements are published in the Moodle course.

Moodle-Link: right here

Weekly procedure during the semester:

  • On-site lecture in class-room.
  • Exercise sheet and exercise appointment on-site in class-room:
    • Starts in the second lecture week.
    • During the exercise appointments the current exercise sheet is worked through collaboratively.
    • There is no formal submission requirement, but the participation is highly recommended as preparation for the exam!
    • To prepare for the appointments: Read the current execise sheet. If required for the exercise sheet, download and install the referenced software.

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