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Seminar “Model-based Engineering”

Summer semester

Event number: 43MBE1015V (Undergraduate seminar, for Bachelor) or 43MBE1016V (Seminar, for Master)

Prerequisites: Module “Software Engineering I” or “Database Systems I” is recommended.

The seminar can be taken as an undergraduate seminar in the Bachelor’s programme or as a seminar in the Master’s programme. The individual topic will be adapted accordingly in terms of scope and demand.

Topics in Summer semester 2023

  • Classic papers of computer science from the book “Ideas That Created the Future: Classic Papers of Computer Science” (The MIT Press).


Enrol for the undergraduate seminar (Bachelor) or seminar (Master) event in Unisono by 05.04.2023 12 noon. Information on the introduction event will follow via Unisono e-mail. The specific topics will be presented at the introductory event. The topics will be selected afterwards.

Each participant receives selected literature (in English) on the chosen topic:

  • Undergraduate seminar: introductory literature (e.g. book chapters from textbooks or survey articles).
  • Seminar: 2 – 3 recent research publications.


  • Scientific presentation on the chosen topic as part of a central event at the end of the semester.
    1. Undergraduate seminar: 20 minutes presentation + 10 minutes discussion
    2. Seminar: 30 minutes presentation + 15 minutes discussion
  • Written elaboration of the chosen topic, to be handed in by 31.08.2023 at the latest. Also register for the examination in Unisono before submitting it.
    1. Undergraduate seminar: 6 pages (ACM style two columns) / 9 pages (ACM style one column)
    2. Seminar: 10 pages (ACM style two columns) / 15 pages (ACM style one column)
  • Further milestones over the course of the semester:
    1. Discussion of the literature and first draft of the outline of the paper (approx. 4 weeks after the beginning of the semester).
    2. Submission of a first interim status of the paper and preparation of reviews for the papers of other participants (approx. 4 weeks before the date of the presentation).
      1. Undergraduate seminar: 1 review
      2. Seminar: 2 reviews
    3. Submission of a first draft of the presentation and rehearsal talk (approx. 2 weeks before the presentation date).


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