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Seminar “Model-based Engineering”

Summer semester

Event number: 43MBE1015V (Undergraduate seminar, for Bachelor) or 43MBE1016V (Seminar, for Master)

Prerequisites: Module “Software Engineering I” or “Database Systems I” is recommended.

The event can be taken as an undergraduate seminar in the Bachelor’s programme or as a seminar in the Master’s programme. The individual topic will be adapted accordingly in terms of scope and requirement.

Topics in Summer semester 2024

  • Finding Near-Optimal Configurations
  • Using ML to Infer Constraints
  • Performance Influence Models
  • SATzilla
  • Transferring Performance Models
  • Combinatorial BLAS
  • Memory Error Detection
  • Fuzzing
  • Energy Games


Enrol for the undergraduate seminar (Bachelor) or seminar (Master) event in Unisono by 03.04.2024 12 noon. Information on the introduction event will follow via Unisono e-mail. The specific topics will be presented at the introductory event. The topics will be selected afterwards.

Each participant receives selected literature (in English) on the chosen topic:

  • Undergraduate seminar: introductory literature (e.g. book chapters from textbooks or survey articles).
  • Seminar: 2 – 3 recent research publications.


  • Scientific presentation on the chosen topic as part of a central event at the end of the semester.
    1. Undergraduate seminar: 20 minutes presentation + 10 minutes discussion
    2. Seminar: 30 minutes presentation + 15 minutes discussion
  • Written elaboration of the chosen topic, to be handed in by 31.08.2024 at the latest. Also register for the examination in Unisono before submitting it.
    1. Undergraduate seminar: 6 pages (ACM style two columns) / 9 pages (ACM style one column)
    2. Seminar: 10 pages (ACM style two columns) / 15 pages (ACM style one column)
  • Further milestones over the course of the semester:
    1. Discussion of the literature and first draft of the outline of the paper (approx. 4 weeks after the beginning of the semester).
    2. Submission of a first interim status of the paper and preparation of reviews for the papers of other participants (approx. 4 weeks before the date of the presentation).
      1. Undergraduate seminar: 1 review
      2. Seminar: 2 reviews
    3. Submission of a first draft of the presentation and rehearsal talk (approx. 2 weeks before the presentation date).


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