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M. Sc. Robert Müller


M. Sc. Robert Müller
Phone: 0271-740-2618
Office: H-C 8304

Consultation hour

Wednesdays 10–12 o’clock (with prior registration via email).

Research interests

  • Inductive program synthesis, Programming-by-Example
  • Automatic testing, Fuzz-Testing
  • Program-Merging, Refactoring
  • Tooling: Java, Eclipse Modelling Framework, C/C++


Supervised theses

Research projects

Academic activity

  • I was sub-reviewer of VaMoS’22, FormaliSE’22, SPLC’22, ESEC/FSE’22, VaMoS’23 and SPLC’23.
  • I was a member of the Artifact Evaluation Committee of FormaliSE’22, ’23 and ’24.
  • I presented my research topic at the FOSD’23.

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